Prevent House Fires By Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

Consumer Reports states that lint accumulation in dryer vents cause about 27 percent of house fires. Hazardous lint build-up can block dryer vents and create dangerous situations when using the clothes dryer. While some dryer models alert users when the vent is fully blocked, these features are not perfect and often fail to alert consumers as soon as needed to prevent lint build-up.

Proper Dryer Maintenance Can Prevent Fires

To reduce the risk of dryer fires, experts provide four tips to proper maintenance. First, clean the lint filter in the dryer in between every use. Secondly, replace the accordion-style duct in the exterior vent. Thirdly, the dryer duct needs to be cleaned at least annually, if not more often. A dryer vent cleaning professional can ensure this is done properly. Lastly, if clothing has a chemical stain, handle it with special care by washing the stained clothes more than once; then, hang that clothing to dry or use the lowest heat setting on the dryer with a cool-down period.

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