What Are The Correct Dryer Vent Materials?

Make Sure Your Dryer Vent Is Installed With The Right Materials

One of the many ways Dryer Vent Squad ensures the safe and efficient operation of all dryers we service is by using the proper dryer vent materials in every application. While cleaning or servicing your dryer, we make sure all vent materials are compliant with the recommendations and requirements of one or more of the following: current IRC (International Residential Code), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and/or the National Fire Protection Association.

Proper dryer vent materials include rigid metal duct with a smooth interior that allows lint to easily pass through. The duct materials we use have a maximum flame-spread index, meaning it is less likely to burn and spread flames quickly in the event of a fire.

Connections between rigid duct sections and between the ducting and dryer are made with some semi-rigid metal duct and metal foil tape. These materials should be used only as connections in conjunction with rigid metal duct for the majority of the vent system.

If your dryer vent run exceeds 35 feet (with no bends), a booster fan is recommended. A booster fan helps to ensure moisture and heat is pushed the length of the run to the termination. At the termination point, we can install a no-pest vent cap cover. The no-pest vent cap allows ample airflow while preventing birds, squirrels and other pests from entering your dryer vent system.

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